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Brand 3M
Availability 1
  • Built in regulator provides precise speed control.
  • Easy-grip housing helps reduce operator fatigue.
  • Small diameter head size enables operators to see the surface and minimize area to be buffed.
  • May be run damp.


The 3M™ Nib Removal Sander was designed to help operators remove stubborn imperfections and dust nibs in their finished parts, primarily painted/clear coated items.

Ergonomically Designed for Operator Comfort
3M™ Nib Sanders are pneumatically powered and attach to air hoses. Designed with operator comfort in mind, these lightweight hand sanders are easy to hold and intended to help reduce operator fatigue. The easy grip sanders fit in the palm of your hand and allow you to keep the proper angle for a finer finish.

Tips for Optimal Use
The small, 1 1/4" diameter head size on the 3M™ Nib Removal Sander helps operators see the exact point to sand, producing a smaller area to buff out than conventional tools. Additionally, the 4 position regulator dial allows for precise speed control for those critical parts with hard to sand areas. For effective nib sanding, we recommend using water as a lubricant during the sanding process. Be sure to spray the abrasive disc, such as 3M™ Trizact ™ Finesse it ™ 1 1 ⁄4" discs, (sold separately) before and after sanding each spot to keep the disc clean and help extend disc life. Sand in a small, circular motion with the pad flat against the surface and keep the sanded area as small as possible. Use a light feathering technique to blend the repair area into the original surface and avoid over sanding.

Innovative Equipment Technology: 3M™ Tools
When you need a finishing tool, you might not think about the innovative equipment technology required to help you do the job more efficiently. But luckily, we did. That’s why we engineered a better line of air powered (pneumatic) finishing tools. Tools that are designed to work hand in hand with the 3M™ abrasives and accessories you’ve always trusted, with built in features and great performance.

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